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How Not to Choose a Corporate Meditation Workshop

Choosing the right Corporate Meditation Workshop for your company is no easy task. It can be difficult to know if you’re finding the best Corporate Meditation instructor or if you’re merely finding the best SEO experts, the slickest advertisers, or the most well-funded con artists.   You should ask yourself these four questions when determining which Corporate Meditation Workshop is right for you. Then, you will surely avoid catastrophe and set your company up for greater productivity. Not only this, but it will also lead to greater mental health, fewer employee conflicts, more job satisfaction, and lower turnover rates. 

What Is Their Corporate Meditation Philosophy?

health and immunity Most Corporate Meditation Workshops are led by instructors who follow a rigid ideology. This tends to be either Hinduism or Buddhism. However, there are sects of Catholicism and other Christian meditation workshops, and even atheist ones as well.  The problem with all of these is that they leave out a vast number of people. These are the ones who do not belong to that particular sect.  It would seem that atheism might be inclusive of everyone.  However, it in fact leaves out a great number of inspiring, non-religious teachings from a variety of sources around the world.  In fact, focusing on your breath alone while forgoing ancient wisdom does not help someone understand more deeply eternal truths about the nature of our mind, the cause of our needless suffering, and the way out of suffering. For all these reasons, the founder and instructor at EastWesticism uniquely studied under Buddhist monks, Hindu meditation gurus, shamans, Native American medicine men, Christian monks, as well as leading neuroscientists to understand on the most objective level what practices and philosophies are universally true and the most effective, regardless of a student’s religion or lack thereof.

How Experienced is the Corporate Meditation Workshop Instructor?

suprised meditation Unfortunately at the moment, there is no well-regarded, internationally-recognized meditation certificate that exists to qualify a person for meditation instruction.  These days, every single ashram and cult have their own certification processes that award any sufficiently large enough donor with a certificate to train others in meditation. Many more programs involve a week or a weekend training course, which for the right price will grant everyone who attends a meditation training certificate. For all these reasons, whoever you select as your Corporate Meditation Workshop instructor must be adequately vetted as to their training and experience.  There are currently today #1 bestselling authors who claim to have lived as monks. However, they actually lived as a devotee to a religious sect, such as Hari Krishnas, for a very brief time.  Still, other meditation celebrities claim to be monks or Hindu priests. However, they were, again, just followers of an ashram that centered around their charismatic leader. Other “experts” claim to have spent years learning from masters of meditation around the world. However, the only problem with them is that they give no specifics as to who or where. No one ever saw them at any of those places, and they have no documentary proof of any of it. Needless to say, those who deal in magical promises and fantastical stories are often not who they turn out to be. At least at EastWesticism, our founder and instructor, Todd Perelmuter, shares countless details, photos, videos, and documentation.  These are from his 9 years living with gurus and monks, learning spirituality and meditation from real experts, studying under holistic healers and shamans, and meditating in complete solitude in forests and caves for months on end.

Does their Corporate Meditation Workshop Follow the Science or the Dogma?

peaceful on desk These days, every single spiritual teacher has their own kind of spiritual practice or meditation they are promoting. You could spend a thousand lifetimes learning and testing them all. Most of which would be a waste, unfortunately. For every true teacher, there are at least a hundred hucksters. But luckily, new scientific research has come to the rescue. We can literally see into people’s brains and see how different kinds of meditations impact neurological activity. However, just like industry-funded studies can create bias, some large meditation centers have funded their own scientific studies, further muddying the science. But, we took a close look at the data (and who funded them). This has revealed a remarkable amount of fascinating and useful information on meditation. This is regarding how different types of meditation can improve brain function. Moreover, it can lead to greater creativity, awareness, focus, sleep, mental and physical health. At EastWesticism, we’re science junkies. If it’s not in science, we’re just not that interested. We don’t have the time – and neither do you – to try out every single type of foofoo quasi-magical visualization/manifestation.  Moreover, we also don’t have the time for spiritual practice that some random person who leads a devoted group of followers came up with, in a dream.
We care about proven results, scientific evidence, and peer-reviewed studies that can stand up to scrutiny.

What is the Track Record of their Corporate Meditation Workshop?

meditation Sometimes there are some genuinely well-intentioned people out there who may even know their stuff.  However, when speaking to large groups they have a hard time connecting with their audience. It can be tough for some spiritual teachers to remember that not everyone has gone through the same experience they have. They further may not be completely aware that not everyone has the same knowledge they do. Their teachings can be confusing and unrelatable. One of the most important things to look for in a Corporate Meditation Workshop instructor is a proven track record. This can be with companies, repeat business with them, and positive outcomes at those companies. You don’t have to worry about that at EastWesticism. Our Corporate Meditation Workshop is an annual occurrence for many large businesses’ Wellness Weeks. We’re a staple of their businesses because of employee demand and because it boosts the bottom line.

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