How Do I Keep Stress Away When Money is Invested in Stocks?

Q: Dear Todd, how do I keep the stress away when my money is invested in the stock market and it keeps fluctuating a lot?

TODD ANSWERS: Well I am no stock guru 🙂 However, it does look like the stock market always follows the same principles of spirituality: stay calm, no need to panic. Ups and downs are inevitable. The zen approach would be to remain centered and sober whether witnessing gains or losses. The unexpected will happen, delays, setbacks and downturns are certain. But so far, they’ve never lasted and new highs were reached.

Observe your compulsion to check the stock prices (maybe cutting back or maybe taking a break would be positive), remember the big picture (daily market changes won’t seem so important in the grand scheme of things), and do what’s best for you and then put your worries aside and put your trust in the universe. That’s all any of us can do.

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