How to Let Go of Perfectionism in Work to Perform Better

Executives, creatives, and high achievers all frequently suffer from the self-imposed stress of perfectionism. Striving for perfection is one thing, but when not reaching the impossible ideal of perfection causes stress and anxiety, then it no longer serves our highest interest or our best work. Luckily, the curse of perfectionism in high performance individuals can be overcome.

What is the Curse of Perfectionism in High Performance Individuals?

Oftentimes, the people who are most successful are perfectionists. They demand perfection of themselves and expect it of others. Since perfection does not exist, or rather, everything already is perfect but the perfectionist thinks nothing is perfect.

Artists, executives, entrepreneurs and other highly successful people almost universally suffer from this self-imposed torment of perfectionism. When our passion is approached mindfully, we can use this drive to create better work. We can forgive ourselves and others for our limitations. Kindness can be extended to ourselves and others. We can create without fear of failure and so our work can become bolder and better.

When we are mindless perfectionists, we can become lost in our work. We can kill ourselves with drink or drugs as so many artists have done so in trying to cope with the stress. The self-imposed stress can find all sorts of unhealthy outlets that only succeed at burying the emotions until they explode in dis-ease or addiction.

How Can High Performance Individuals Let Go of Perfectionism

This may be the single greatest mantra for all the people in the world who strive for greatness and to do good in this world. For the spiritual seekers who are trying to improve themselves, and for the CEOs and high-powered lawyers.

Many mantras are what we wish to happen. They are manifestations or they may be pieces of wisdom. They may be religious or they may be just meaningless sounds. Whatever they are though, they tend to be either wishful thinking, positive thinking, or praise to a deity.

Now to be clear, I am a big fan of every single kind of mantra. Each one has its place and each one is incredibly beautiful and profoundly beneficial. This mantra however is unlike all the others. This is something you already know is true, you just forget. And so, by making this your mantra, you will instantly reduce your stress. You will easily be able to take on any moment or challenge.

How to Use Meditation to Let Go of Perfectionism 

The mantra is very simple and will help in so many ways to simply get into a meditation, to relax deep into your subconscious, and then repeat this silently to yourself for a few minutes a day, up to 20 minutes twice a day:

“I do not need to be perfect. I do not need a perfect life.”

Instantly, your self-imposed stress and pressure disappears. When you fully absorb this understanding within you, your worries about what may or may not happen disappear. Your ego dissolves and it no longer matters what critics or enemies say. Nothing is taken personally and there is never cause for panic.

Our need for controlling every little detail of our life goes away when we meditate on this mantra. Our subconscious fear of losing what we have also goes away when we meditate on the second part of this mantra.
Why We Must Overcome the Curse of Perfectionism in High Performance Individuals
When we can strive without stress, we can work harder and longer because we are not taking on new stress. It is no longer working when the stress goes away. Work becomes just another exciting change of experience upon our conscious awareness. It becomes effortless and our inner resistance fades away.

This mantra prevents burnout, which stems from the chronic stress and pressure of perfectionism. We can dive into stressful situations without taking on the stress in our body or mind. We can thrive in chaos, we can love the unknown, and we can have greater confidence knowing that we can make mistakes but we will also be present and wise enough to know how to handle them with mindfulness when they occur.

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