How to Use Mindfulness to Manage Emotions

Q: Dear Todd, I am chaos, and I create it in everything I do and I want to stop it. I feel like a phony when I let my emotions take over.

TODD ANSWERS: Don’t be afraid of being a phony when your genuine emotions take over. Clearly you are trying to communicate something that is important to you. The more we practice not losing ourselves to these emotions (mindfulness), the more we can communicate clearly and effectively

Here’s how you can use mindfulness to manage your emotions:

It’s as simple as observing reality as it really is instead of fixating on the story our mind tells us about what is happening or how things should be.

Throughout your day, take as many conscious, deep, slow breaths as you possibly can. Use each breath as an opportunity to become present and mindful of the here and now. The more breaths are taken, the more mindfulness and presence enters our life. And, soon mindfulness becomes second nature. And this simple practice will help you in managing your emotions throughout the day.

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