Path to Peace Guided Meditation to Deal with Uncomfortable Thoughts

Whether we are aware of them or not, we hall have negative thoughts that on a subconscious and unconscious level stir up stress and tension within our mind and body. In fact, when we are not aware of them, uncomfortable thoughts can easily become repressed, suppressed, and denied. And while stuffing them down can be preferable to dealing with them, from a holistic perspective these disturbing thoughts can turn into chronic stress which can manifest as everything from chronic pain to cancer.

But, there is a way to heal from negative thoughts. Just like time heals all wounds, distance from thoughts heals us from the destructive nature of negative thoughts. When we think our thoughts, we experience the heavy drama of them. When we can view them from a distance, we can see them objectively, clearly, and impartially. This guided meditation podcast is designed to help distance ourselves from such thoughts so that we can see them, heal and process them, and move on with wisdom, peace and clarity.

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