Why Does it Feel Wrong to Seek Inner Peace While Grieving?

Grief is so much more than a personal journey. It’s how we show our love for those we’ve lost to our friends and family. It’s communal and it’s one of the ways we all come together to heal.

But, we also all heal in our own way. Because there is no one right or wrong way to grieve, we may feel guilty if we don’t conform in how we grieve. We may feel like celebrating the deceased’s life instead of mourning the death. We may even laugh or smile as we remember funny stories.

While some family and friends may judge how we grieve, in this podcast I share how we can communicate our loss without feeling guilty about the way we express it. I talk about why we feel pressure to conform, how we can grieve on our own terms, and I share some stories of how I dealt with grief in my own life.