How to Reprogram Your Mind

We live in the greatest time ever to be alive. We also live in the worst time ever to be alive.

Both statements are 100% true. This is why people on the news can argue endlessly. The question is, which world do you want to live in: the best or the worst? 

The world we live in all depends on where we choose to put our focus. It doesn’t matter if 99% of your life has been hard, you can put 100% of your focus on that 1%. This isn’t delusional. It’s consciously choosing happiness over misery. (More on how to deal with the negative experiences of life in my latest podcast.)

Every successful person has a delusionally high confidence in themselves. That story you have about yourself and the world, is either the rocket fuel for your dreams, or the sand in your engine. So you might as well choose the helpful story.


Here’s What I Want You To Do:

Write down every single negative thought that pops into your head over the course of the week — about yourself, your body, and the world. Then write down a better thought to replace it.


Our thoughts tend to look like this:
– Ugh, I hate work.

– I’ll never be able to overcome this obstacle.

– I am not good enough.

– I can’t turn my health around or get strong.

– I am so tired.

When they could look like this:

– I love having a reason to get out of bed.

– I love a challenge.

– I am the greatest.

– These bodies are self-healing machines, there is nothing I can’t heal, and I can get in the best shape of my life no matter what age I am or illness I have.

– I have boundless energy.

No one on earth deserves to have confidence and happiness more than you. There is absolutely nothing that prevents you from becoming over the moon in love with yourself and the world right now. The only thing stopping us is a bad habit we picked up over the years. And every habit can be broken. 

Much love,


P.S. I am sharing my favorite quotes from the book, Aloneness to Oneness, in this article.

And in my latest YouTube video, I share some simple ways we can unlock our creative power. When our creativity is flowing freely, we see options and possibilities everywhere. Instead of just reacting to the chaos of life, we become the conscious creators of our destiny.

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You deserve happiness.Your loved ones deserve happiness.

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