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How do I Find Something to be Happy About? – Path to Peace Podcast

We all want to be happy. But how do we get it? What makes us happy? And how do we get that long lasting happiness we all seek.

In this episode, Todd reveals the true secret to lasting happiness. And it’s not what we usually think it is.

So much of the things we seek to bring us happiness are actually nothing more than temporary pleasures. After these pleasures are over, they’re usually followed by craving, longing and pain. But there is a way to find lasting happiness and Todd explains just how to do that.

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  1. Derron

    Thank you Todd…happiness, truly, can be felt and discovered through gratitude. And, if not solely upon gratitude for the opportunity to be a human being, wrapped within a physical body, able to experience physical life in all its facets. Much appreciation for your gentle reminder. Love

  2. Sara

    Thank you Todd. You help me discover peace and beauty everywhere. It is specially necessary if you live in a big city with all its ditritus! I am already 73 and happy, I have a bigger gift of time than in younger years and am learning to expand the potential even more so that it reaches my surrounding. Love.

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