How to Stop Feeling Jaded And Bitter Over Time

Love is the glue that holds this universe together. It is the gravity that unites two star crossed lovers. And it is the only reason we exist — it brought our parents together, love nourished and protected us through infancy, and it is the only reason we haven’ blown ourselves up yet.

Love is a feeling as innate as hunger. Instead of leading us to food, love guides us towards being more compassionate and selfless. It drives us towards building communities that can work together to survive and thrive. And the good feelings that selfless love invokes (selfless love being much different than the possessive, jealous type of love) drives us towards building and maintaining our families and close friendships.

Love is how we survived and how we will continue to do so. So, what can we do when that lovely love is missing from our lives? Do we deserve it? Are some people just loners? Should we just let go of our desire for love and accept what is?

Here’s the thing, you can’t crave what you are. We may mistake love for companionship. We may mistake love for sex. But love is so much more than that which can be found in another person. No one can steal your essence away from you. And neither can anyone else fulfill our needs for love. We are love. As you’ll see from this video, we are bigger and so much more than we think.

The more we reconnect with our hearts, the source of our life and all life, the more we will become fearless in love. When we are fearless in love, we spread joy wherever we go, we see the beauty and potential in everyone, we shower others with compliments, and we expect absolutely nothing in return. Here’s the real reason why we can’t always see the beauty, balance and oneness of the universe.

No, it is not crazy to want love and have it returned. But remember, when having love returned is our motivation to give love, then we are not looking for love, we are looking for business partners we can have a love transaction with. This is not true, selfless love.

When we love totally selflessly, we become magnetic. It’s like we become high on the love drug and everyone else wants to find out what our secret to happiness is. We all know people like this. These people are medicine for the soul and everyone wants to be around them. Not everyone will return the love in kind, but there are lots of loving folks out there. We don’t lose anything if love isn’t returned, but when it is returned, we gain the world. From my in-depth video,  EGO 101, we can learn how to think from a different and larger perspective.



It’s all too easy to become jaded and pessimistic. When we show love and generosity, and for it not to be returned, can easily discourage us from being loving. Instead of giving up, I say double down (More on why people are toxic and how to stop it in this video.)

Your kind actions have infinite unseen positive consequences. There’s no faster way to find your tribe of people than to show everyone your inner light. And, there’s no faster way to reveal those who aren’t your people. It’s a win win. Be kind, be generous, and kind and generous people will be drawn to you.

“Nice” may get taken advantage of, but kind and generous can never be. Kind and generous come from strength and wisdom, not ignorance. Kind is about what’s doing best for others (whether they realize it at the time or not), and for yourself. It’s free and it’s limitless, so give it away wherever you go and see the world around you change for the better.

Remember, everything you perceive in the world exists within you. If you see love and hate in the world, it’s because the seeds of love and hate lie within you. Nurture those seeds of love and watch your life bloom.

Much love,


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