The Vegetables Method for Controlling Thoughts

When we go on a downward spiral of negativity, underneath the thoughts are an attachment to those thoughts. This is the only reason we would mindlessly make ourselves suffer. Unconsciously, we want the drama, we want self-righteousness, we want the justified anger. AND, we unconsciously don’t want to let go, don’t want to accept, and don’t want to move on. The truth is, our value doesn’t come from others’ praise, worth doesn’t come from wealth, and contentment doesn’t come from achievement. If you ever feel inadequate or worthless, I recorded this podcast for you.

So first we have to become aware of what is going on beneath the surface. We have to see how we are addicted to egoic thinking. Then we can become aware of how we feed that thinking. We either feed it with enlightening activities (the “vegetables”);  or with gossip, comparison and competition (the mental “junk food”).

In the week ahead, just as we would lovingly call out a friend for saying something untrue or hurtful, let’s notice how we speak to ourselves

Is our mind always exaggerating (hint, it usually does)? Is it comparing? Is it considering other people’s opinions above our own? Is it focused on the past or future at the expense of the perfect present moment? Is it lost to fear or fantasy, draining our energy and making us inactive? 

Whenever the mind is not serving us, lovingly and sweetly call those thoughts out for being unhelpful and turn your mind back towards positive thoughts and feelings of compassion, goodwill and universal love. By eating those “vegetables,” whether it’s a bubble bath or a meditation or a yoga class or tea on the porch, our minds will naturally be peaceful and positive. More on how to write your own story, respond to life’s events with your highest wisdom, break down egos to connect with others, and master your mind and emotions in this video.



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