How Visualization During Meditation Leads to Manifesting Miracles

There is nothing you need to believe or disbelieve in regards to manifestation. It is a fact, we are manifesting beings. From thought to implementation, human beings manifested every single thing in our modern society.

When we visualize not just what we want but the steps to actually make it happen, we can then take action to manifest the life we desire. Anything that is possible, is possible through manifestation.

We may not be able to fly unaided with just our flapping arms, but by working with the laws of physics we were able to manifest human beings soaring across the skies on a daily basis.

We are manifesting every second of every day. The question is, are we manifesting unconsciously, or consciously?

Is it OK to Visualize While Meditating?

The key to visualizing while meditating is to make sure it is intentional, focused and guided. Our normal mode of thinking is chaotic and random, so we want to train our mind to focus on what is positive and beneficial.

Have a plan, such as “I will meditate on financial success for 20 minutes,” and then stick to that. We don’t just want to manifest miracles, we also want to create a mind that is laser focused and disciplined in order to ensure we can achieve our dreams.

Usually throughout our lives, we are visualizing our worst fears and doubts. So not only is it OK to practice positive guided and intentional visualization, it is essential.

Is It OK To Do Affirmations While Meditating?

Affirmations are very effective for refocusing our mind on positivity. They can be our mantras as well. But when we are visualizing, images really are worth 10,000 words, so we want to stick with mental images and feelings.

Does Visualization Help in Manifesting?

The world’s greatest athletes already know the power of visualization to manifest the results they desire. By practicing in the mind, they are creating very real muscle memory that will help them react quicker in the game than they would if they had to think about what to do in real time.

Every actor knows that before they became successful, they felt insecure and needy. They felt like they needed the parts, but once they created a mental image in their mind that they were the solution that studio’s needed, they projected that image and started getting roles.

Visualization is quite simply a mental rehearsal. Every action we take creates a new neural pathway in the brain. The more we take that action, the more ingrained that neural pathway becomes until it becomes second nature and a habit that we can do without thinking or effort.

By using visualization, we can create neural pathways in our brain so that we become who we wish to be, able to achieve the things we wish to achieve, whether or not we have the real world opportunities to practice and become experts.

This isn’t, “Fake it till you make it.” This is, “Become it and then you’ll make it.”

How Long Should You Visualize While Manifesting?

Everyone will have a different time that they’re able to meditate, but a good rule of thumb is to spend 2 to 3 minutes at the beginning of a meditation just relaxing and breathing (or repeating a mantra to yourself if that is easier), and then 10 minutes or more focused on visualizing.

Finish up with 2 to 3 minutes just breathing (or repeating a mantra) and integrating that feeling into the rest of your day.

By starting and ending in a calm and relaxed state, just like in hypnosis, we are able to tap into our subconscious mind and create real and lasting changes.

How Can I Make My Visualization Better While Meditation?

All we have to do is set aside some time in meditation to visualize the life we wish to have and the person we wish to be. Visualize every little detail: the smells, the looks, the energy, the way you sound, how you’ll respond to both praise and criticism, etc…

If you wish to lose weight, visualize what you’ll eat and how much at every meal at the morning of every day. See yourself eating a healthy portion of your favorite food and then pushing aside the rest and saving it for later. Practice this daily until it becomes your reality.

If you wish to be more confident, visualize what that looks like and how it feels in your body.

If you wish to make more money, visualize your end goal, and then see yourself taking the individual steps it will take to get there.

If you wish to be happier, visualize what that will look like. Do it over and over again until the mental image becomes stronger than your previous negative self image.

Can You Manifest While Meditating?

Using visualization for manifestation while meditation is extremely useful and powerful, as we have already covered. But, it is no substitute for the heightened awareness and presence that can be gained from traditional meditation.

So incorporate visualization, but remember to continue practicing breath or mantra meditation as well. Think of visualization and manifestation as potent accessories — the side dishes of meditation.

The more mindful we become through traditional meditation, the more effective our visualization meditation will become.

Do The Visions While Meditation Mean Anything?

Everything we experience, see, and think is the universe, our body, and our subconscious mind trying to tell us something. The entire universe exists in our mind. Our thoughts are not OUR thoughts, they are the magic of these bodies which arose from the universe.

Always listen and honor your thoughts, instincts, feelings and intuition. If you listen closely enough, you will start to see whether the visions are based on irrational fear, or if it is your deepest inner knowing. Watch your thoughts, but listen to your heart — it’s the boss.

Why Do I Have A Hard Time Visualizing?

The Art of Gratitude | Short Film

Gratitude is the most important human emotion because it alone determines the quality of our life. This film is a roadmap back to our grateful hearts.

Some people have more verbal minds than visual minds. Some people have brain blindness altogether and seeing images in the mind’s eye just doesn’t happen. That’s OK! I personally have a very verbal, nonvisual mind.

In this case, focus more on the concepts and feelings. It’s not a problem if the image is blurry or nonexistent. Figure out how your mind thinks and use that as the mechanism for envisioning your future self.

We can abstractly think about any concept, any strategy, and any course of action we wish. There is no one who doesn’t — unconsciously or consciously — have a simulated model of the world in their mind. Everyone can visualize, manifest, and create the life of their dreams.

Not everyone will be the world’s biggest movie star, but we can all live an artistically and fulfilling life. People want to watch and give money to experts who are confident. SO we have to both do the work, and believe in ourselves. Visualization helps us do both.

Personally, I just finished manifesting my latest book, Aloneness to Oneness: 22 Life Lessons to Change the Way You See the World, and it was the joy of my life. This book truly is my favorite because it gets to the very core of every problem we have in our personal lives and in our world. All the problems in our lives stem from how we see ourselves in relation to the universe around us. My hope is that this book changes that relationship into one of peace, joy and love by realizing on a deep level that there is only oneness.

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