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How Visualization During Meditation Leads to Manifesting Miracles

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“If you can visualize it, you can certainly manifest it in your life.

This holds a true and important key to experiencing miracles in your life. With visualization, you are telling the universe what you desire and you’re truly experiencing that desire at that moment. 

When you do that, you are aligning the energy of your visualization with that of the universe. 

When that happens, the universe starts to understand your frequency and the frequency of your desire and starts to align the motion that will get you to your desired visualization.

The art of visualizing to manifest miracles in life is known by all the gurus, monks, and high vibrational beings that have walked this earth at some point or another. 

So why not understand the importance of this beautiful way of manifesting miracles in your life right now?

Now the question is, what can help you in the visualization of what you desire? The answer lies in meditation. 

With meditation, you will put out the energy of your intent to the universe and set a chain of events in motion that will lead you to it. So let’s see how visualization during meditation leads to manifesting miracles. 


What is Visualization? 

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Visualization means forming a mental picture of something. Let me give you a simple example. When an engineer decides to construct a building, he/she first would visualize the structure. Then he creates the blueprint and then the building comes to form. That’s exactly how it works in the spiritual world too. 

When you visualize what you desire, you are laying down the blueprint of your desire. Once you lay down the blueprint, your energy alignment with the universe will be a setting stone to manifesting what you desire. Simple, right?


Why is Visualization Effective?

We all know that when something stressful happens, our brain engages in fight or flight mode. While our brain may be the one factor that contributes to our intelligence, it is very easy to fool it too (In a positive way). That’s what visualization does. 

When we start to truly visualize something, our mind doesn’t understand that we are only visualizing. The mind starts to think that the event is already happening. 

As the mind starts to experience the visualization manifestation meditation as reality, it starts to send out feelings of bliss, joy, and other high vibrational frequencies to the universe. 

Then, the universe starts to understand that this is the event that is aligning your vibrational frequency with the frequency of the universe and the source energy.

The universe then sets events in motion for the manifestation of what you visualized. That’s how you step into the world of magical manifestation with visualization. 

According to Esther Hicks, who has been channeling the teachings of Abraham Hicks, it takes 17 seconds of visualization to align your vibrational frequency with the universe. When you visualize something for 68 seconds, the manifestation is set in motion. 

So just imagine what you can achieve with visualization. Come on, visualize it! Feels wonderful, right? Now that you have understood all about visualization, let’s see how meditation and visualization go hand in hand. 


Visualization During Meditation 

When you meditate, you calm your senses. The body enters into a state of relaxation and calm in meditation. This is a perfect point to start visualization. 

With meditation, your mind, body, soul, and spirit are aligned with the energy of the source. When you visualize during this time, everything will start to move rapidly towards helping you manifest what you desire. 

I will give you a personal example. When I was beginning with visualization during meditation, the first thing I visualized was that I was receiving a call from the company of my choice. I visualized it every day, I felt the conversation happening, I saw my reactions, I felt the body movements I was making. I felt it all. 

A few days later, I got a call from the company of my choice. The same one that I was visualizing. That is when I realized the power of visualization during meditation and manifestation of miracle.  

Sounds amazing, right? Now that you have understood everything about visualization, let’s see some techniques that will help you. 


Techniques for Visualization During Meditation

Choose Your Way 

Begin with choosing the way you want to visualize during your meditation session. It can either be just you closing your eyes, centering yourself, and imagining what you desire. 

Alternatively, you can have music in the background, focus on it and then begin your visualization. Moreover, you can also use the guided style of visualization while meditation. You can contact any meditation center if you’d like to try having an experienced guide.

Pick a Visualization Object

When you meditate, you can also hold any object and visualize it. For instance, some people use the crystal of their choice in meditation and as their visualization and manifestation center. 

You can use that object by holding it in your hands while you visualize and meditate. Once you are done, your energy will be stored in the object and you can hold it anytime to feel the energy within. This technique also works wonders. 

Gratitude with Visualization Will Accelerate the Process

We are all aware of the power of gratitude. The moment you say thank you, you expand your vibration exponentially. 

When you meditate and visualize, be sure to be grateful for everything you are visualizing. With gratitude, you will open doors to magic and miracles tenfold. 

Even after the meditation, make sure you are constantly in the attitude of gratitude throughout the day. This will keep your vibration high and you will be better aligned with the frequency of the universe. 

Use Affirmations Along with Visualization manifestation of miracle in meditation

You can also use affirmations with your visualization while meditating. When you meditate and visualize, use phrases that support that visualization. 

For instance, if you are visualizing getting a pay raise, also use the phrase, “I AM getting a pay raise of $______”

When you use “I am,” everything you say after it is a direct conversation with the universe. Moreover, always talk like it’s happening right here and right now. When you focus on the present moment, everything flows with ease and joy. 

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