Aren’t We Just Making Excuses For Mean People?

Q: Dear Todd, if mean people who hurt others have a “disconnect from infinite joy and peace within”, then what about those people who have had horrible lives and yet don’t hurt people or lie, cheat, etc…? Aren’t we just giving these mean people a free pass? Making an excuse for them?

TODD ANSWERS: I definitely don’t give them a pass, but I just don’t know what good comes from judging others. I know love has transformed lives. I know I want to help people see the light, not shun them and fuel their anger. I hope we can live in a world where dangerous people are removed from society, but where they can also be rehabilitated and taught how to become more mindful of their thoughts and behavior.

I believe in a world where we show everyone compassion and help each other heal instead of hate. I believe there is so much unhealed trauma from our species’ violent and difficult history, and we’re all just acting it out in one way or another.

There are those who have endured great hardship and remained loving, sweet, sensitive souls. There are so many things that go into why we can respond to the same situation differently. We are each the effect of infinite causes, with a unique karma and purpose in this world.

For those lucky enough to find that inner peace and joy within, I hope they can help those less fortunate find it as well. When I didn’t have it, people and places were there for me. In turn, I hope my words can reach even those people who have been hurtful, and hopefully, end that cycle of pain. More on why forgiveness is a gift to yourself and not others in my book, Finding Your True Self.

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