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Should You Have Moral Qualms About Killing Mosquitoes?

Q: Dear Todd, I want to ask you a question that literally is torturing me in my head and heart related to animals. I always have lived in an apartment in a city. One year ago, I finally moved to a small village in the mountains. Since I am here I can sleep like a decent human being, so grateful for that.

Behind the house, there is a quite big pond with some stuck waters where birds and insects live. I put mosquito nets in all windows and doors that connect with the exterior. The number of mosquitos and flies entering the house has reduced approx. 80% but still some come in, especially at night.

I hate and reject the idea of killing any type of animal including insects, I know they have souls. BUT… at night while sleeping I have been bitten by mosquitos several times and twice in the eye which could have complicated a severe health problem.

Now, before going to bed, if I see a mosquito in the bedroom I kill him. And pray for him to shift to a better life. But, I feel terrible. I am not at peace within me because of this. I am realizing that I am going to bed every night feeling bad about myself. Please, any comments or advice or reflections?

TODD ANSWERS: My dear friend, I hear the troubles these mosquitoes are causing you and can definitely relate from some of my own travels through the jungle. What I will say is this, there is certainly no need to feel terrible. Also, it doesn’t do any good. Does the mosquito feel guilty for drinking your blood, disturbing your sleep, and risking your health? Of course not. This is the law of the jungle: eat or be eaten. It isn’t cruel, it isn’t me vs them.

It is the whole of life, working together towards reaching higher states of consciousness.

Like the indigenous tribes have shown us when they hunt a bison. They love the bison, they tell the bison, “I got you in this life brother, you will get me in the next.” We don’t have to feel bad, but we can still give these bugs the reverence they deserve. We can do what needs to be done mindfully, respectfully, and with restraint when need be. This is the way of compassion — compassion towards yourself and compassion for those buzzing pesky little annoying beautiful souls.

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