What is the True Nature of Reality?

True Nature of Reality

If an atom’s nucleus were the size of a peanut, the atom’s empty space would be the size of a baseball stadium. If the empty space in every atom of a person’s body was removed, the actual matter of that person, all the atomic and subatomic particles, would fit inside a speck of dirt. The matter of every person on earth would fill a sugar cube.

Reality is actually just a wave of energy interpreted by the brain to create a simulated universe in our mind. Our brains are the receivers, converting “cosmic WiFi” into electrical signals projected onto our consciousness. You are not a physical being, you are the light of awareness — a point of attention in the infinite sea of consciousness, temporarily experiencing the simulated universe as an illusory body. Our awareness is like the light bulb in a movie projector that makes the whole illusion of motion pictures appear.

Never forget your limitlessness and that you create your reality. There is only oneness in the great expanse of consciousness. There is no solidity, time, space, distance or existence without a brain to construct it. The universe is a wave of infinite probability. What will you create from it?

So What Does This Mean for Me?

It means we do not see reality as it truly is. We see it like a human. A bee sees the world very differently. Is their reality less real? Of course not. The only difference is, humans have the ego to believe they see the ultimate reality.

The truth is, we live in a multiverse. Every single living being perceives the universe as if it revolves around them. There are 8 billion human universes on Earth. Every person sees the world drastically differently.

Take two different people and give them the exact same life. One may focus on the positives of their life, and the other may only see the negatives. Both are limited perspectives, but one creates joy and gratitude, the other resentment and grief.

The truth is, there is no perfect. The good contains the bad and the bad contains the good. Take chocolate cake for example, delicious but unhealthy. Take the love we have for our parents even though we will eventually lose them.

Why Can’t We See the True Nature of Reality?

Never underestimate the manipulative power of a person whispering in your ear 24/7, every day of your life. That voice in our head blocks us from seeing reality. It has our best interests at heart, always looking out for danger, but because of this it tends to be fearful and worrisome. It clings to any false sense of security, and avoids any false sense of danger. This is not a pleasant way to live.

So What Can We Do?

To the untrained mind, life is chaotic and dangerous. And so we turn to temporary physical pleasures to dull or obliterate the mind. But this only keeps us on a chaotic rollercoaster that perpetuates the lie that life is dangerous and must be escaped. Instead of dulling or distracting our wild mind, we have to tame it.

Luckily for us, our ancestors discovered how we can remain calm and centered. They showed us powerful techniques to go beyond thought and to step into our higher wisdom and expanded consciousness. These are the skills of mindfulness, meditation, yoga, simplifying our lives, practicing gratitude and universal love.

We must root out the seeds of greed, anger, hatred, jealousy and delusion that pollute our mind. We must then plant the seeds of compassion, generosity, peace and wisdom. When we remove the mental obstructions to peace and replace them with the causes and conditions for happiness, we are able to let go of our preconceived notions and attachments so that we can finally see reality as it truly is.

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