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What is the True Nature of Reality?

True Nature of Reality

nature of reality

If an atom’s nucleus were the size of a peanut, the atom’s empty space would be the size of a baseball stadium. If the empty space in every atom of a person’s body was removed, the actual matter of that person, all the atomic and subatomic particles, would fit inside a speck of dirt. The matter of every person on earth would fill a sugar cube.

Reality is actually just a wave of energy interpreted by the brain to create a simulated universe in our mind. Our brains are the receivers, converting “cosmic WiFi” into electrical signals projected onto our consciousness. You are not a physical being, you are the light of awareness—a point of attention in the infinite sea of consciousness, temporarily experiencing the simulated universe as an illusory body. Like the light bulb in a movie projector that makes the whole illusion appear.

Never forget your limitlessness and that you create your reality. There is only oneness in the great expanse of consciousness. There is no solidity, time, space, distance or existence without a brain to construct it. The universe is a wave of infinite probability. What will you create from it?

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